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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traffic exchange?
How do I receive hits (also called credits)?

What is a traffic exchange?

Traffic exchanges (aka TE's) are online services where members of the site can view each others websites. More commonly "You view my website, and I'll view yours" Hence the name traffic "exchange". Members exchange site views with other members. The more members a site has - the more views each website will receive. TE's are actually a very inexpensive form of advertising and can yield humongous results when used properly.

How do I receive hits (also called credits)?

First, you need to signup to X-Treme Surfing then - Login to your members area and click 'Start Surfing' in the left Contents menu. This will open the surfbar where you will view other members' sites. For every 1 site you view, you will get one credit. If you upgrade you will get double the credits per view. There will also be other ways to earn or win even more credits. We will be holding contests. You will be notified of these specials via email. Make sure you have whitelisted our emails.

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